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Vanessa Moschella

General Description
Birthplace: Italy
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Ginger
Eye Color: Blue
Occupation: First lady of Florence

Bartender (previously)
Model (previously)
Nun (previously)

Children: Giulio de' Medici
Show Information
Portrayed by: Hera Hilmar
First Appearance: The Hanged Man

Vanessa Moschella[1] is a friend of Da Vinci, as well as the previous lover of Giuliano Medici and the current lover of Lorenzo Medici. There has been signs that Nico is enamored with her - in the same fashion as she was enamored with Da Vinci. She often poses as a model for Da Vinci's art, and helps him with his experiments and adventures.


Vanessa’s vital spirit and pleasure-loving nature were ill-suited to convent life. With da Vinci’s help, Vanessa escaped the strict religious environment, to which she’d been confined as a girl, and happily chose to earn a living as barmaid and model. Vanessa is properly valued by the world in general, and Nico in particular for her sunny disposition and her exquisite beauty.

She had a romantic relationship with Guliano di Medici. Later she got pregnant by him. After his death, she told his brother Lorenzo de' Medici about Guiliano's child. After that, Lorenzo's wife Clarice Orsini brought Vanessa into the Medici household, where she became a virtual prisoner with few of the liberties she valued before. Nevertheless she helps Clarice to maintain control over the board of the Medici bank. But then she catches Clarice having sex with her uncle in law Carlo. Carlo's eyes meet hers before she walks away.

Vanessa is furious when Carlo murders Andrea and flees, confronting Clarice about her affair with him.  Shortly after she enters labor and gives birth to a son, thereby giving the House of Medici a needed male heir.  When Clarice has to flee because of Carlo's crimes, Vanessa's son is the only Medici in Florence, Vanessa is made de facto ruler of the city.


Memorable quotes[]

  • "The man I chose to bed will not define me. One receives as much respect as one demands." - to Clarice.
  • "You lied, Leonardo, you promised me wonders. You said we'd fly, you said we'd burn like the sun, but there's no sun in your world, there's only coldness and shadows. [. . .] You're so smart, you're so beautiful, but we're just toys to you." - to Da Vinci.
  • "If you expect me to bare my figure for you then I expect you to bare your soul." - to Da Vinci.
  • "Your palace is a prison with better linens." - to Guiliano.

Notes and references[]