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Cardinal Rodrigo

Rodrigo Borgia
General Description
Birthplace: Venice
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Occupation: Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church
Sister(s): Laura Cereta
Show Information
Portrayed by: Gerard Horan
First Appearance: The Fall from Heaven

Cardinal Rodrigo was a Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church, and an influent member of the Roman Curia, the Pontiff's "right hand" since the departure of Lupo Mercuri.

When Bayezid, son of the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, came to Rome to request an audience with Pope Sixtus IV (falsely lured there by Lucrezia Donati, who was trying to help her father, the true Pope, overthrow the impostor), Cardinal Rodrigo was present. At the request of Sixtus, he went into the Secret Archives, to check if the Sword of Osman Gazi was in its place.

Rodrigo was killed, shortly afterwards, by The Monster of Italy. When his "sister", Laura Cereta, came to the Vatican to claim his body, Sixtus IV and Girolamo Riario talked her into supporting their Holy Cruzade against the Ottomans currently invading Italy through Naples, as their family owned one of the largest merchant fleets in the Venetian Republic, and their support would be necessary to sway the other merchant families into overriding the peace treaty the Venetians had with the Ottomans.