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Maddalena de' Medici

General Description
Birthplace: Florence, Italy
Birthdate: July 25, 1473
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Mother: Clarice Orsini
Father: Lorenzo de' Medici
Sister(s): Maria de' Medici
Show Information
First Appearance: The Lovers

Maddalena de' Medici is Lorenzo de' Medici and Clarice Orsini's youngest daughter.

During the Pazzi Conspiracy, in which her father was wounded and her uncle, Giuliano, was killed, Maddalena was left with her mother and her sisters. While retreating to the Palazzo Medici, she strayed from her mother, and was left behind on the crowded streets. She found herself in the middle of a fight between Pazzi conspirators and the Medici guards, and was saved in the brink of time by Captain Dragonetti.