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Lucrezia Donati

General Description
Birthplace: Italy
Birthdate: ~1455
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Occupation: Mistress and spy
Father: Francesco della Rovere
Sister(s): Amelia della Rovere
Spouse(s): Niccolo Ardinghelli
Show Information
Portrayed by: Laura Haddock
First Appearance: The Hanged Man

Lucrezia Donati is an enigma, for while she has love for Da Vinci and Lorenzo Medici, she also works as a spy for Rome. She is torn between her love and her loyalty, as she is trying to free her father from jail. She is publicly the mistress of Lorenzo, and in private the lover of Da Vinci.


Wife, mistress and celebrated beauty of Florence. The fact that Lucrezia is Lorenzo’s mistress is an open secret in Florence and something easily accepted. Although her relationship to her upper‐class husband gives her some status, it’s really her role as “royal mistress” that cements her renown and influence. As a beautiful woman, Lucrezia is well aware of her seductive skills and doesn’t hesitate to employ them to her ends. Her motives remain obscure.

Season 1[]

Lucrezia is first noticed by da Vinci in markets of Florence.


Wife of: Niccolo Ardinghelli

Mistress of: Lorenzo Medici

Lover of: Leonardo da Vinci

Niece of: Anna Donati

Daughter of: Francesco della Rovere

Memorable quotes[]

Historical Notes[]

1462 - Lucrezia is betrothed to textile merchant Niccolò, son of Piero Ardinghelli and Caterina Strozzi, who is a cousin to Alessandra Macinghi Strozzi. Niccolo traveled much of the time and he refused to return from his travels and claim his bride.

1465 - Lorenzo de' Medici found Lucrezia to be an object of his desire.


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