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Giulio de' Medici

Giulio de' Medici
General Description
Birthplace: Florence
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Mother: Vanessa Moschella
Father: Giuliano de' Medici
Show Information

Giulio di Giuliano de' Medici (26 May, 1478 – 25 September, 1534) was the bastard (and posthumous) son of Giuliano de' Medici and Vanessa Moschella, a Florentine barmaid.

Giulio de' Medici would later become Pope, in 1523, taking the name Clement VII.

Behind the scenes[]

  • In the series, Giulio is depicted as the sole male Medici heir. This was not, however, the case in real-life history; Lorenzo and Clarice sired three boys: Piero (who would succeed Lorenzo as the ruler of Florence, his poor handling of political matters led to the Medicis being driven out of power), Giovanni (who would become Pope Leo X in 1513, known for the matter of indulgences and for having excommunicated Martin Luther), and Giuliano (became Duke of Nemours in France, and restored the Medici family to power in Florence after the Holy League drove the Florentine republicans from Italy).
  • In real-life history, Giulio's mother was Fioretta Gorini. She would also die in his youth, leaving him to the care of Lorenzo de' Medici.
  • As Pope Clement VII, he would refuse to grant King Henry VIII of England an annulment for his marriage to Catherine of Aragon, and would later excommunicate Henry when he broke from the Catholic Church. Shortly before his death, he would commission Michelangelo to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.