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Giuliano Medici

General Description
Birthplace: Italy
Birthdate: 1453
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Mother: Lucrezia Tornabuoni
Father: Piero Medici
Brother(s): Lorenzo Medici
Paternal Grandfather: Cosimo Medici
Spouse(s): None
Children: Giulio Medici
Show Information
Portrayed by: Tom Bateman
First Appearance: The Hanged Man
Latest Appearance: The Blood of Brothers

Giuliano de' Medici, portrayed Tom Bateman, is a character in Starz's Da Vinci's Demons.


Giuliano is a dashing bon vivant who enjoys the spoils of his position while letting his older brother shoulder the burdens of leadership. Initially, Giuliano expresses a dislike for da Vinci that stems from envy and because da Vinci exposes Giuliano’s insecurity from not being taken seriously.

Da Vinci is everything Giuliano is not – brilliant and unbound by social convention. Plus, he has Lorenzo’s favor, which is something Giuliano has always craved. But his crude jealousy also gives him one advantage over da Vinci. He’s not blinded by da Vinci’s dazzling genius, as most people are. In his own, simplistic way, Giuliano senses something that Lorenzo, Lucrezia and others do not - that da Vinci’s real allegiance is to his quest for knowledge and his mother. What Giuliano rightly intuits is that when those things come into conflict, Florence will always lose out.

While Lorenzo arranges a match for his brother, Guiliano engages in an affair with Vanessa Moschella. After his uncle is executed as a traitor and Vatican spy, Guiliano is determined to find out who the real spy was. He realizes it is his brother's mistress and goes after her, only to find her being attacked by Vatican assassins. Lucrezia then stabs Guiliano and leaves him for dead when he berates her for what she has done. Guiliano survives, and manages to return to Florence to expose a conspiracy against his family. He fights his enemies, but his mortally stabbed. Before he dies in Vanessa's arms, she tells him she is carrying his child.

He reappears as a shadow to both Da Vinci and his brother, respectively to remind Da Vinci to watch over Vanessa and his child, and to urge Lorenzo to fight on.


Memorable quotes[]

Giuliano Medici to Lorenzo Medici: "Well, perhaps you should mark me a traitor and have me killed as well."

Guiliano  to Vanessa : "If I'll marry Camilla Pazzi, that's a lie too".


  • In real life, Guiliano had a son by his mistress who was born after his father's death as a result of the Pazzi conspiracy. That son would go on to become Pope Clement VII.