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Francesco Della Rovere

General Description
Aliases/Nicknames: Pope Sixtus IV
Birthplace: Celle Ligure, Italy
Birthdate: July 21, 1414
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Grey
Eye Color: Blue-grey
Occupation: Pope
Brother(s): Alessandro della Rovere (twin)
Children: Lucrezia Donati
Show Information
Portrayed by: James Faulkner

Cardinal Francesco della Rovere is the legitimate Pope and Head of the Catholic Church, having been elected to the pontificate and enthroned as Pope Sixtus IV, in 1471.

He was overthrown by his younger twin brother, Alessandro della Rovere, who took his place as Pope, locking Francesco in a dungeon at Castel Sant'Angelo. Francesco had already survived an attempt on his life by his brother as a child, his brother jealous that he was not the elder himself.

Lucrezia Donati is Francesco's daughter. He loves her very much, as does she.