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Clarice Orsini

General Description
Birthplace: Monterotondo, Papal States
Birthdate: 1453 (historically)
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Blue-grey
Brother(s): Giacomo Orsini
Spouse(s): Lorenzo de' Medici
Children: 3 Daughters
Show Information
Portrayed by: Lara Pulver
First Appearance: The Hanged Man

Clarice Orsini, portrayed by Lara Pulver, is a character in Starz's Da Vinci's Demons.  She is the wife of Lorenzo de' Medici, and a seductive and politically-minded woman.


Clarice married Lorenzo by proxy when she was 16. The marriage was arranged by Lorenzo's mother, who wanted her eldest son to marry a woman from a noble family, in order to enhance the social status of the Medicis. Clarice was not initially popular in Florence because her strict religious personality was in deep contrast with the humanist ideals of the age. Of the nine children born to Clarice and Lorenzo, three died in infancy. At the time our series begins, none of the surviving children are male.

Despite the initial circumstances of their marriage, Clarice quickly proves herself to be much more than a political pawn. Sharp, patient, and deeply committed to Lorenzo, she’s a valuable advisor to her husband.[1]

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