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Celia Lysimachus

Celia Lysimachus
General Description
Birthplace: Italy
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Occupation: Prostitute
Children: Girolamo Riario (bastard)
Show Information
First Appearance: The Fall from Heaven

Celia Lysimachus (died c. 1471) was a Jewish prostitute in Rome. She was Girolamo Riario's mother.

Alessandro della Rovere, Riario's father, ordered him to kill the prostitute, following his usurpation of the Papacy. Riario strangled her to death, realizing in those final moments that the woman he was murdering was his mother.

Leonardo da Vinci and Zoroaster spot Riario putting flowers on her grave, although they did not know who she was. Riario later confided that story to da Vinci, when their quest to the New World to find the Book of Leaves proved fruitless.