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Carlo de' Medici

General Description
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Father: Cosimo de' Medici (illegitimate)
Brother(s): Piero de' Medici (half)
Show Information
Portrayed by: Ray Fearon

Carlo de' Medici (c. 1429 – 29 May, 1492) is Cosimo de' Medici's illegitimate son, and half-brother of Lorenzo de' Medici's father, Piero.

He has travelled many years as a missionary, but the cruelty of the world made him doubt the Church and its message. He returned to Florence shortly after the Pazzi Conspiracy, to offer his aid against the threats his family was facing.

In her husband's absence, Clarice Orsini appointed Carlo to Giuliano de' Medici's seat at the Medici Bank. He has an "association" with Clarice. He stole 500,000 Florins from the Medici Bank, leaving Clarice heartbroken and Florence bankrupt.

Carlo de' Medici is affiliated with The Labyrinth, or The Enemies of Man, and in that capacity murdered Cosimo de' Medici, his father. He also killed Andrea del Verrocchio.