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Carlo Visconti

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Occupation: Politician
Allies: Vatican
Enemies: Duke of Milan Family
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"And thanks to the Secret Archives, it is the last you'll ever enjoy."
—Visconti right before assassinating the Duke of Milan.[src]
Carlo Visconti was a Milanese official who assassinated the Duke of Milan.

He entered the church on Palm Sunday with his sword and a prayer book, which were checked before he was seated. His two accomplices were likewise inspected, and all three left their swords at the door.

Once seated, Visconti produced pieces of a bladed weapon which he assembled together and attached to the end of a wooden crucifix he was wearing.

Sforza finally arrived, at which Visconti approached him, smiling. When the duke angrily told him to step aside, Visconti's accomplices grabbed Sforza and Visconti stabbed him in the throat before running.

When the Medici family learn of the assassination and of Visconti's role, Guiliano remarks on rumors that Sforza had deflowered Visconti's niece. Lorenzo suspects the Vatican to have hired Visconti.


  • Visconti was the Duke's real life assassin, along with two other Milanese officials, although the assassination took place after Christmas, not near Easter. Also, Visconti believed the duke had deflowered his sister, not his niece.

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