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Signor Campano

General Description
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Occupation: Aristocrat
Affiliation: King Ferrante
Show Information
Portrayed by: Steven Elliott
First Appearance: The Fall from Heaven

Signor Campano is a member of the Neapolitan aristocracy. When Lorenzo de' Medici was in Naples in order to talk King Ferrante out of an alliance against Florence with Pope Sixtus IV, Piero da Vinci bribed the local aristocrats so that they would help the Florentines in their negociations.

Piero was having lunch with Signor Campano to talk about these matters, when they were interrupted by the French pirate, Ozzo, who abducted both the "Florentine banker" and Campano. Lorenzo later killed Ozzo and freed both Piero and Campano, earning King Ferrante's respect.