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Andrea del Verrocchio

General Description
Birthplace: Florence, Italy
Birthdate: 1435
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Occupation: Sculptor, goldsmith and painter
Show Information
Portrayed by: Allan Corduner
First Appearance: The Hanged Man
"But in the end, what are we but masters of illusion? What separates us from the garment maker and the stone mason? Ideas! Vibrant colours, yes, but beneath them, out of sight from the untrained eye, meaning!"
—Andrea del Verrocchio.[src]

Andrea di Michele di Francesco de' Cioni (best known as Andrea del Verrocchio; "Andrea of the true eye", a tribute given to him for his artistic achievement) was the master of an important workshop in Florence. A painter, sculptor, and goldsmith, he was Leonardo da Vinci's maestro and father figure. He is killed by Carlo de' Medici.